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Your flatmate Sought | Team.


The released room has about 20 sq meters, two wonderful skylights and beams on the retaining wall, which is often utilized decoratively. The skylight each one possess a sightless that darken your room well. Theresa would want to tee up a rack there. We examine with a go to.

Anstonsten we have now (should you could bring in a micro-wave are definitely the category) in another dining table is ne kitchen area, sizeable toilet guest lavatory and also a storage space place…

To Schoneweide one just the HTW is used. There are a variety more listed here. Our property is actually a lovely avenue with many different old architectural structures. You can find a charming selection, a major classes, several restaurants, Spati, mail and so on. The Spree also has not far’s. Purchasing amenities are 10 to 15 moment walk in Schoneweide heart. Here’s are really everything required.

Also throughout jogging distance dm, Edeka, Rewe and Kaufland.

Our internet connection is superb. From your station that you are in ten minutes at Ostkreuz, in 20 at Schonhauser, in 10 or 15 in Neukolln in Schoneberg. Also, a workout goes to Schonefeld International airport.

The tram runs in 20 minutes to Friedrichshain or 20 minutes to Lichtenberg.

Then there’s even now the tour bus which you go to Kreuzberg or Baumschulenweg and Neukolln.


Ui, the most significant:

Presently we have been because of 3: Theresa, Samuel and Sarah. Theresa takes off in Mar. We are looking for someone for yourfriendly and good, at most effective together with each other. You must in the heart of your health be and are opened. We are relatively tranquil, WG-events, there are occasions culturally but we need to feel comfortable listed here from the start.

You should not be pedantic, although a certain standard of cleanliness is already important to us. It’s simply a WG. If you are so motivated in this area, is definitely a plus, in the WG was from time to time, renewed what about the time here and there or revised -.

But to us:

I (Sarah, 22) have completed my learning January and can function from Apr. Incidentally I prefer the amount of time to devote to me lastly the spectacle as well as some other projects. I consistently have new thoughts in hope and mind to carry out in 2018 a good deal. I’m a lot and as with the smooth, I love to have breakfast every day there with each other or payforessay night with wines (or, recently, with whiskey) to try out a game title cooking or just stay together If not I would rather go bars or off of (at the moment small (Soli) Events) or as soon as obtained friends there. ‘D’ grateful if a new camaraderie would emerge.

I (Samuel, 24) examining electric powered technology in the HTW Berlin, now presently in the excel at and resided for pretty much 36 months here in this beautiful house. Besides studying I work at Edeka in the vegetable and Eastern department. Otherwise’m typically with my digicam very busy (Timelapse!! ). By blessed instances an enjoyable espresso has landed inside the ripped 2-3 weeks in the past. Since then, I make a scientific disciplines from producing a cup of coffee. I require a tranquil and opened jointly and look forward to intriguing discussions.

Other people.

For those who have any attraction and we also have the experiencing you satisfies us, we will be up amongst 19.2. And 22.2. Request. If you do not have time, we can keep it free us during the week something else.

Write down us via the contact page form about reasons why you discover us fascinating, what bothers you, how you will picture the WG everyday life, and so forth. Since we presently satisfy the pre-assortment by using e-snail mail, it’s excellent whenever we obtain a concrete image individuals.

Give us the link for your Twitter profile or Instagram most effective, so we can certainly make a much better image of people.

Playstation: The transfer-in night out is to take place somewhere between 01.03 and 01.04. Understanding we explain more particulars.

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